Monday, June 15, 2015

Declarative Sentences


 A declarative sentence is a kind of a simple sentence that makes a statement and ends with a full stop. There are two different kinds of declarative sentences in English:

Affirmative Sentences And Negative sentences:
Affirmative Sentences + Negative Sentences = Declarative Sentences

Affirmative Sentences:

An affirmative sentence is one which relates to a statement that shows agreement.
We can use different tenses for  examples in a positive form.
-I want to drink water.
-Helen understand this grammar clearly.
-Chelsea likes eating hamburger.
-Our financial situation  is very worrying.
-He always works from dawn to dusk.
-This room is cleaned every morning.
-The Royal Government of Cambodia is reducing its people's poverty.
-Lots of tulips are being grown in Holland
-I have known you for two weeks.
-He uncle  has been assasinated for political reasons.
-We have been staying with our friends since October.
-He invited  his girlfriend to his party.
-His missing daughter was found the day before yesterday.
-Marlene had been working hard all day.
-This extreme case had been being investigated for two years.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Simple Sentences-English Study

Before we understand the simple sentence, we need to know the definition of the sentence. A sentence is a group of words that make a complete thought.

There are four different kinds of Simple Sentences in English:

1-Declarative Sentences
2-Interrogative Sentences
3-Imperative Sentences
4-Exclamatory Sentences

We can use different tense for examples:

- Life is difficult.
- Life is a constant struggle.
- Life is an endless adventure.
- I met Danny yesterday.
- Don't be hopeless in your life.
- How handsome you are today!
- She does the washing on Sundays.
- Why do you insult me so much?
- Do you want to study tourism field?
- We have to respect human rights.
- We have to change our lifestyle little by little, but not all at once.
- Before doing anything, we have to take the matter into consideration.
- My younger sister always does the washing up every morning.

*** A Simple Sentence's Definition
A simple has one independence clause and no dependence clause. A simple sentence contains at least one subject and one predicate (one verb). It may have a compound subject, a compound predicate (a compound verb). and various phrases, but it has only one clause.

- Kunthea cries.
  (kunthea=Subject, Cries=Predicate)

- His uncle and aunt always give him happiness.
  (Uncle, aunt=Compound Subject)

- David, John, and Helen went to Canada last year.
  (David, John, Helen = Compound Subject)

- Fire, floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes are disasters.
  (Fire,floods , volcanoes, earthquakes=Compound subject)

- Will you go with me or stay at home?
  (You=Subject, Go, Stay=Compound Predicate)

- Helen doesn't love David but wants to marry him.
  (Helen=Subject, doesn't love, want=Compound Predicate)

Sentence Structures

Sentence Structure have four different kinds of sentences in English: Simple sentence, Compound Sentence, Complex Sentences, and Compound Complex Sentences.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Noncontrolling Interest | E3-15|

E3-15 Noncontrolling Interest
Sanderson Corporation acquired 70 percent of Kline Corporation's common stock on January 1,
20X7, for $294,000 in cash. At the acquisition date, the book values and fair values of Kline'sassets and
liabilities were equal, and the fair value of the noncontrolling interest was equal to 30 percent of the total book value of Kline. The stockholders' equity accounts of the two companies at the date of purchase are:

Sanderson Corporation Kline Corporation
Common Stock ($10 par value) $400,000 $180,000
Additional Paid-in capital   222,000     65,000
Retained Earnings
Total Stockholders' Equity
  1. What amount will be assigned to the noncontrolling interest on January 1, 20X7, in the consolidated balance sheet?
  2. Prepare the stockholders' equity section of Sanderson and Kline's consolidated balance sheet as of January 1, 20X7.
  3. Sanderson acquired ownership of Kline to ensure a constant supply of electronic switches. which it purchases regularly from Kline. Why might Sanderson not feel compelled to purchase all of Kline's share?
1. The Total noncontrolling interest reported in the consolidated balance sheet at January 1, 20X7, is $126,000 ($420,000 x .30).
2. The stockholders' equity section of the consolidated balance sheet includes the claim of the noncontrolling interest and the stockholders' equity section of the subsidiary is eliminated when the consolidated balance sheet is prepared:
Controlling Interest:
    common stock $ 400,000
    Additional Paid-in Capital 222,000
    Retained Earnings
    Total Controlling Interest
Noncontrolling Interest
Total Stockholders' Equity

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Incomplete Consolidation

E3-14 Incomplete Consolidation
Belchfire Motors’ accountant was called away after completing only half of the consolidated
Statements at the end of 20X4. The data left behind included the following:

Items Belch Fire
Body Shop
Cash $40,000 $20,000 $60,000
Account Receivable 180,000 30,000 200,000
Inventory 220,000 50,000 270,000
Building& Equipment(net) 300,000 290,000 590,000
Investment In Premium Bond 150,000 - -
Total Debit $890,000 $390,000 $1,120,000
Account Payable 30,000   40,000 -
Bonds Payable 400,000 200,000 -
Common Stock 200,000 100,000 -
Retained Earnings 260,000 50,000 -
Total Credit $ 890,000 $390,000 -
a- Belchfire Motors acquired shares of Premium Body Shop at underlying book value on January 1
    , 20X1. What portion of the ownership of Premium Body Shop does Belchfire apparently hold?
b- Compute the consolidated totals for each of the remaining balance sheet items.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Computation of Subsidiary Net Income

E3-13 Computation of Subsidiary Net Income
Frazer Corporation owns 70 percent of Messer Company’s stock. In the 20X9 consolidated income statement, the noncontrolling interest was assigned $18,000 of income.

What amount of net income did Messer Company report for 20X9?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Consolidation of a variable Interest Entity

E3-12 Consolidation of a variable Interest Entity
Teal Corporation is the primary beneficiary of a variable interest entity with total assets of $500,000, Liabilities of $470,000, and owner’s equity of $30,000. Because Teal owns 25 percent of the VIE’s Voting stock, it reported a $7,500 investment in the VIE in its balance sheet. Teal reported total assets of $190,000 (including its investment in the VIE), Liabilities of $80,000, common stock of $15,000, and retained earnings of $95,000 in its balance sheet.
Prepare a condensed balance sheet in good form for Teal, taking into consideration that it is the primary beneficiary of the variable interest entity.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reporting for a variable Interest Entity

E3-11 Reporting for a variable Interest Entity
Gamble Company convinced Conservation Corporation that the two companies should establish Simpletown Corporation to build a new gambling casino in Simpletown Corner. Although chances for the casino’s success were relatively low, a local bank loaned $140,000,000 to the new corporation, which built the casino at a cost of $130,000,000. Conservative purchased 100 percent of the initial capital stock offering for $5,600,000, and Gamble agreed to supply 100 percent of the management and guarantee the bank loan. Gamble also guaranteed a 20 percent return to Conservative on its investment for the first 10 years. Gamble will receive all profits in excess of the 20 percent return to conservative. Immediately after the casino’s construction, Gamble reported the following amounts:
The only disclosure the Gamble currently provides in its financial reports about its relationships to Conservative and Simpletown is a brief footnote indicating that a contingent liability exists on its guarantee of Simpletown Corporation’s debt.
Prepare a balance sheet in good form for Gamble immediately following the casino’s construction.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Subsidiary Acquired by Issuing Preferred Stock

E3-10 Subsidiary Acquired by Issuing Preferred Stock
Byte Computer Corporation acquired 100 percent of Nofail Software Company’s common stock on January 2, 20X3, by issuing preferred stock with a par value of $6 per share and a market value of $10 per share. A total of 15,000 shares of preferred stock was issued. Balance sheet data for the two companies immediately before the business combination are presented in E3-9.
Prepare a consolidated balance sheet for the companies immediately after Byte obtains ownership of Nofail by issuing the preferred stock.

Subsidiary Acquired with Bonds

E3-9 Subsidiary Acquired with Bonds
Byte Computer Corporation acquired 100 percent of Nofail Software Company’s stock on January 2, 20X3, by issuing bonds with a par value of $140,000 and a fair value of $150,000 in exchange for the shares. Summarized balance sheet presented for the companies just before the acquisition are as follows:
Prepare a consolidated balance sheet immediately following the acquisition.